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Content + Interactions: How to Create Live Experiences That Resonate

Jun 28

The world of marketing has changed tremendously. Once upon a time a brand could place an ad and reach just about everyone. Now, there are thousands of possible touch-points. More than ever, brands must understand the importance of a distinct voice and a strategy to build strong relationships with their audiences. In this webinar, Dax Callner, Chief Strategy Officer of GES Events, will outline an effective formula and the steps you should take to create breakthrough event experiences.

Callner will additionally discuss:

  • How to understand, develop, and activate a brand voice in a physical, social, and live setting
  • Key ways to develop resonant relationships with event audiences
  • The importance of planned content and attendee interaction approaches
  • New strategies to create truly epic events

Dax Callner, Chief Strategy Office - Events at GES

Dax Callner is the Chief Strategy Officer - Events at GES. Dax brings more than 20 years of experience as a chief strategist and measurement specialist, and has overseen strategic agency relationships for leading global brands.

Prior to joining GES, Callner was chief strategy officer with Sparks where he built a leading event strategy and measurement practice. Before this, he founded Crux, a strategic marketing consultancy specializing in digital, social and experiential initiatives. He was also a vice president and senior strategist with Momentum Worldwide, where he led engagements with major global brands.

Dax has developed business and consumer events, multi-channel marketing campaigns, digital strategies, and street-marketing initiatives. He has published numerous articles on innovations in marketing and regularly speaks at industry leadership events. He’s also a musician who regularly performs with his New York band The Dayz.

David Adler, C.E.O. and Founder, BizBash

David Adler, a lifelong media executive, is the C.E.O. and founder of BizBash, the leading trade media for the event and meeting industry. He has also been an advisor to the State Department in areas of protocol and events. Previously, he was vice president of corporate communications for Primedia and Macmillan Publishers. Upon graduating from American University, he founded, operated, and successfully sold a society and political magazine for the nation’s capital called Washington Dossier.

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