Robert Caldwell

Founding Partner, (by Sciensio)

Robert Caldwell is a Founding Partner and lead investor at Sciensio, which creates AI chatbots that improve communication, lower costs, and solve the problems clients are targeting. Sciensio is one of the fastest growing companies in AI chatbot space.

Mr. Caldwell is also a Board Member, Investor, and consultant to Connexion Point, LLC. Connexion Point is a healthcare communications company focused on connecting consumers to their healthcare and the healthcare industry to consumers.

Prior to his work at cXp, Mr. Caldwell was the Founding Partner of G2 Web Services. G2 is the leading global provider of merchant risk management solutions, including due diligence, compliance, and fraud mitigation, for members of the payments value chain.

He and his wife Lisa live in Draper, UT and passionately support charitable entities focused on cancer charities and providing food, support, and innovative educational programs to at risk kids.